Heavy-Duty Nesting "Z" Rack (Black Base)

Price :$69.95

The apparel industry relies on space-saving clothes racks for many reasons, but mainly because the shape of the “Z” rack folds right into another unit and out of the way. More floor space is a great reason to choose it, but so is this rack’s long-lasting durability. Able to hold 450 lbs., with a five foot base and uprights that extend up to six feet, it’s a multi-purpose rack that can provide needed storage in a laundry room, church choir room, school band room, garage, or anywhere you need more hanging space.

  • Height : Adjustable in Height fro 70" to 85"
  • Width : 24"
  • Finish : Black Base
  • Length : 63.5"
  • Additional Details : 400 lbs. Weight Capacity

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