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Shop for Hangers by Feature

Shop for Hangers by Feature

Here at Only Hangers, we pay close attention to detail. You won’t find snag points on clips, loose hanger hooks, splintered edges, or sub-par quality in any of our products. We take great care to ensure that we offer the best quality hangers on the market and we offer them to you at below wholesale prices! If you’re looking for hangers with specific features, then you’ve come to the right place.

Below, we have compiled a list of hanger features, information about each feature, and a list of hangers that you can choose from. Shop for hangers by feature, view a list of hanger features, information about each feature, and a list of hangers that you can choose from.

Cascading Features

Using the vertical space in your closet is a great way to save space. Hangers with “piggy back” features allow you to hang multiple garments from one space. Cascading one hanger from another is also a way to coordinate outfits, saving time and space.

  • Clothes Vine Hangers cascade and make adding and removing hangers a breeze. 
  • SlimLine Hangers can be cascaded from one another using the Mini Cascading Hooks.
  • Piggy Back Hanger Attachments can be used to cascade your existing hangers and fit almost any hanger.

Open-Ended Feature

An open-ended hanger makes it easy to hang longer or bulkier items because one end is open.

  • Bedspread & Drapery Hangers are used for larger items like ski pants, sleeping bags, blankets, sheets, drapery, shower curtains, beach towels, throws, and more!
  • Heavy Weight Plastic Pant Hangers are used for smaller items. It’s perfect for pants, but use your imagination. You might use it for drying your hand-dyed yarn, hanging fabrics, delicate heirlooms, kids’ sheets, or for organizing all of those scrapbooking scissors!

Extra-Wide Shoulder Pieces

Most hangers are around 1/2” wide. We carry wider hangers for supporting the structure of suits or garments with molded shoulders. Check out our 2” wide suit hangers. We carry the natural finish

Contoured Suit Hanger with Non-Slip Bar, also available in Walnut & Brass, Walnut & Chrome, Black Lacquer, White Lacquer, and don’t forget our gorgeous Deluxe Cedar Suit Hangers.

Outside of our Wooden Hanger line, we have molded plastic Shaper Hangers, which comes in sizes ranging from the very small 10” hanger all the way up to the extra large 19” hanger, which is 2 3/8” thick! Shaper Hangers are curved to fit the shape of your suits and they have an extra wide section at the top to support the shape of your collar.

If you love our velvet Slim-Line Hangers for saving space in your closet and just need a few wider ones for your suits, check out our Slim-Line Wide Shoulder Black Coat Hanger, also available in Camel. You may also like our Slim-Line Shoulder Shapers. They simply snap on to any Slim-Line Hanger, transforming it into a 2” wide coat hanger.

Space Saving Features

All of our Wooden Hangers, like the Flat Coordinate Hanger w/ Clips, come in “flat” styles for saving space. Our Plastic Clothes Vine Hangers cascade to save a lot of space in your closet. Our beautiful Metal Hangers are an excellent choice, but the ultimate space saving hanger is our Slim-Line Hanger. This amazing slim, yet strong, velvet hanger is available in a lot of different colors. They fit so closely together that they can double your space if you’re currently using plastic tubular hangers or some other wide hanger. They can cascade from each other to save even more space, all while holding your clothing snugly against the velvet so that everything in your closet always stays put, looking nice, neat and organized.

Custom Imprinted Hangers can really help you to brand your image and impress your clients and customers. Almost any of our hangers can be imprinted with your logo in black, white, silver or gold. Some other colors are available, so let us know if those colors do not suit your needs.

Adjustable Size Feature

We offer two different adjustable hangers. We carry the salem Clothes Hanging System. This adjustable hanger extends from 17” to 21” wide. It is small enough for petite sized clothing or large enough for extra large men’s suits. Our other adjustable hanger is 21” long and is bendable down to a small child’s size hanger. The Rubber Foam Display Hanger is great for hanging anything, even costumes or other oddly shaped items.

Hangers for Long-Term Storage

If you are going to store clothing long-term, then there are a few things to consider. Moisture is the enemy. Clothes need to be able to breathe and they also need to be free of moisture and humidity.

Cedar Hangersare definitely the answer to your problems. They repel pests, naturally deodorize the closet or storage area, and they absorb moisture. Check out our garment racks as well. They are so convenient for clothes that you want to keep hanging while they’re in storage.

Lightweight Hangers

Our Bamboo Hangers are super lightweight, but as strong as hardwood hangers. This is because of the unique properties of bamboo. They are beautiful, sustainable, and eco-friendly, so you can rest easy in your decision to go with bamboo hangers.

Our Plastic Hangers are also lightweight and perfect for travel or retail use. We carry everything from Unbreakable Plastic Hangers to super lightweight Plastic Shipping Hangers.

Hangers with Brass Hardware

Our Walnut & Brass Wooden Hangers will give your closet sophistication and timeless style. You’ll love the variety of hanger styles that we have available in our Walnut & Brass collection. You’ll not only find beautiful high quality hangers for your shirts, pants and suits, but also for your ties and belts.

Hangers with Swing-Out Locking Pants Bar

Our Wooden Suit Hangers are precision crafted to last. The hard lacquer finish will never turn dark, crack, or flake. The locking pants bar on our select suit hangers is solid wood. You’ll love how it holds your pants firmly in place without creasing them. These hangers are great for travel as well as home closet and retail use. Check out our Natural & Chrome Contoured Suit Hanger with the locking pants bar. It is also available in Walnut & Chrome, and Walnut & Brass.

Hangers for Swimwear

Circular Bikini Hanger is very popular. It is perfect for drying your swimwear, organizing swim suits, or even for hanging your intimate apparel. Retailers love the uniqueness that it brings to their store and you’ll love the uniqueness that it brings to your closets and laundry area. We also carry the lightweight and economical Plastic Lingerie/Swimwear Hanger, perfect for shipping or displaying swimwear and lingerie in a retail setting.

Anti-Theft Hangers for Business

Anti-Theft Hangers are perfect for hotels, restaurants, business offices, or anywhere else that the public has access to your hangers. Make your office look sophisticated while offering the convenience of hanging coats and clothing on professional grade hangers. We also carry hardware for new or existing installations.

Hanging Multiple Pairs of Pants

Our Natural & Chrome wood hangers collection includes a Multi-Slack Hanger, as do our Walnut & Chrome, and Walnut & Brass collections. We also offer the space saving velvet Slim-Line Multi Pant Hanger that will grip your pants and save space in your closet.

Earth Friendly Features

In addition to our Earth friendly Bamboo Hangers, we also carry Earth’s “Friend” Recycled Hangers made from recycled paper.

Hanger Hook Designed to Avoid Stretching Clothing

If you’re tired of stretching the necks of your favorite shirts, you’ll love the revolutionary design of our Z Hangers. Our Z Hangers come in black velvet, bamboo, padded satin, plastic, and wood, so you’re sure to find what you need in this hanger style.