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Children's Hanging Torso Forms (Black);Children's Hanging Torso Forms (Black);Children's Hanging Torso Forms (Black)
Children's Hanging Torso Forms (Black)
Children's Hanging Torso Forms (Black)

Children's Hanging Torso Forms (Black)

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  • Finish :Matte Black Plastic
  • Clips/Hooks :Polished Chrome Hook
  • Package Quantity :1
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Introducing the Children's Hanging Torso Form, the perfect addition to any trade show or store display. Made with a sleek white finish, this form is sure to catch the eye of customers and show off your products in the best light. This torso form is designed specifically for children, making it an ideal choice for stores that cater to younger demographics. Its sturdy construction ensures durability and long-lasting use, making it a wise investment for any business. With this torso form, you can easily showcase your clothing and accessories, giving them a professional and stylish presentation. So whether you're setting up a trade show booth or updating your store displays, the Children's Hanging Torso Form is a must-have item that will elevate your showcasing game to the next level. Order yours today and watch as your products stand out amongst the rest!