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Gridwall Panel 2' x 5'  Pack of 3
Gridwall Panel 2' x 5'  Pack of 3

Gridwall Panel 2' x 5' Pack of 3

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Grid wall panels, also known as wire grid panels or grid panels, are made of heavy duty steel wires welded in the center and reinforced double wires on outside long edges, forming 3 inches square spacing both vertically and horizontally. Grid panels can be fixed on the wall or stand alone freely with accessories. Grid panels are well-made, sturdy and portable so that they are popular in retail stores, trade fairs, markets, home garage for displaying products. Applications: art and craft exhibit. Discount stores. Supermarkets. Flea markets. Kiosks. Temporary or seasonal stores. Kitchen wall display. Garage storage with the accessory products. Trade show booth. Warehouses.