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Hanger Retriever (Adjustable)

Hanger Retriever (Adjustable)

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  • Additional Details :Lightweight; Easy Grip Handles; Extends easily
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Perfect for those hard to reach displays. This adjustable hanger retriever extends from 36" to 60" and has a lightweight aluminum body with a heavy duty plastic hook. Introducing the Hanger Retriever adjustable - the perfect solution for trade shows and retail stores alike. Designed with convenience and durability in mind, this product is made for those who are constantly on the go. Each unit is made with a lightweight aluminum body and a heavy duty plastic hook, providing both strength and easy handling. The adjustable feature allows for a personalized fit, making it suitable for a variety of hanger sizes and types. Its polished chrome finish not only adds a touch of elegance, but also ensures long-lasting use. Perfect for organizing and transporting clothing, this hanger retriever is a must-have for any business or individual in need of a reliable and versatile tool. Get yours today and experience the ultimate convenience and efficiency in hanging and storing garments!