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Men's clothing is often too big for a standard hanger. If the shoulders of a suit are wider than the hanger they're hanging on, they can droop and permanently lose their shape. Men's suits, especially, need to have the proper support when hung in the closet to avoid irreversible damage. Learn about the different styles and types of hangers that are big enough, strong enough, and high quality enough to support the biggest and heaviest of men's clothes, suits, jackets and coats.


Learn which clothes hangers are best for men's clothing.

Adjustable Hangers hangers come in all different types and styles. We have a customizable clothes hanger that adjusts to meet your specific needs. Adjustable Hangers are perfect for savvy closet organizers. There are several features that make them great for big and tall sized clothing. This hanger adjusts from 17" to 21", accommodating many sizes of clothing.

Rubber Foam Display Hangers

The Rubber Foam Display Hanger is great for heavy, wide, or large men's clothing. This is actually a retail hanger, but is also great for home use. The shoulder span is 21", but it is bendable, so you can customize the width to exactly fit your suits and coats. The rounded design and foam body makes it very gentle on delicate fabrics and suit linings.

Oversized Wooden Hangers

Are you looking for something a bit more sophisticated? We carry Walnut & Chrome Oversize Flat Suit Hanger with Non-Slip Bar that is perfect for men's suits. It is 19" wide and about a half inch thick of solid hardwood. It is sanded smooth and coated with several coats of sprayed lacquer that will last you for many years. There are no snag points, splintering will not be an issue, and the beauty is unmatched. The pants bar is one solid piece of wood and features a non-slip vinyl sleeve. No more worrying about those slippery slacks ending up creased, pinched, or on the floor of your closet.

19" Shaper Hangers

The 19" Shaper Hanger is made of molded hard plastic. The body is curved to match the shape of a man's suit. The shoulders are wide and rounded to support suit coat shoulders. The smooth surface is gentle on delicate suit linings. This hanger is perfectly shaped to support plus sized clothing, coats, jackets and suits.